About us

Laniros Dian Pharma (LDP) is a company specializing in business development especially for developing rapid test business, we do the marketing services for ethical products as well as consumer goods and any other products/service which related to the Health. LDP was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia in 14 October 2002 which has 80 employees. It is a Sister Company of DNR Distribution (Big Five Distribution Company in Indonesia for Pharmaceutical Products as well as Consumer Goods, Medical Equipment and Medical Devices which has 32 branches and 13 sub-branches all over Indonesia with 3.000 employees). We have been developing some of Rapid Test products as our brands, such as SENSOR, Infectious Disease for Institutions, Hospitals, Laboratorium Market and Speedytest and WOMAN CHOICE for the Retail Market.


“To be A Leading Business Development &
Marketing Service Company, which delivers
the Highest Quality Products & Services to
Customer & Principal related to Health.”

“Providing Value Added Services to Supersede
The Needs of Customer and Principal.
Continuous Growth through Product and
Marketing Service expansion.”